Antonio Morales

Hello! My name is Antonio Morales and I am currently a student at the University of Glasgow as a MSc in International Relations. My focus is diving deep into Geo-Politics through political cartoons and analysis.

About Me

Antonio Morales graduated from the University of Oregon in 2023 with a B.A. in History and a minor in Anthropology.

How I Work

My articles combine Geo-Politics and how these events affect our daily lives and future.

My Ethos

Giving real-world reactions to real-world events.

Get in Touch

X : @aj__morales7



Morales: The GOP is in shambles

Opinion: The 2024 Republican Presidential primary will be a disjointed mess that will highlight to the American people that there are better options for our fragile country.

Election season is nearly here and soon we will all succumb to countless aggressive ads claiming to be the better candidate for president. Personally, I am not looking forward to this period, especially because of how fragile our country currently finds itself to be.

The stability of our nation depends on who the people de

Morales: (Unfortunately) the U.S. military wants YOU

Opinion: As our geopolitical reality becomes grim, the U.S. military is desperate for immediate reassurance from Gen Z as the government pours millions of dollars into failed recruitment and retention efforts.

Civilian indoctrination of the military has been a constant recurring theme throughout America’s relatively short but violent history. During the twentieth century, various forms of propaganda were at the forefront of the United States’ military-industrial complex as colorful posters and

Morales: Elon Musk is a man-child who will ruin Twitter

Since Elon Musk officially purchased Twitter, the social media app has become a cesspool of conservative rhetoric and weird Musk stans. The space-obsessed billionaire has even allowed the return of Donald Trump, a racist and misogynistic ex-president via a public Twitter poll. But even Trump has refused to rejoin the beginning of the end of Twitter. Moreover, Musk also cleared house when he purchased the social media giant, causing a mass firing of employees and chair members. Twitter’s reputation will never be the same with an unfunny billionaire at its helm.